Breathing New Life into a Non-Profit
Born out of honor for the victims of the 2015 Mother Emanuel AME Church shooting, The Charleston Forum is an open and honest discussion on race and the ways in which our community can move forward together. The non-profit had a website built for them in 2019, but they were looking to refresh their current look and showcase all the ways their efforts have positively impacted the Charleston community. A new site map was created with added pages detailing the cornerstones of the 501(c)3 work they do. The homepage of the site was lengthened to include easier-to-access information and CTAs that click-through to other pages and the company's PayPal for donations. Powerful photography is used throughout the site, as well as brand colors, testimonials, quotes, forum videos, sponsor lists, and much more. This site is an effective tool for anyone looking to get involved with The Charleston Forum. 
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